Connect API Endpoints

Before You Begin

In order to access endpoints you will need to fetch a token using OAuth 2. Head over to Getting Started for more information.


Map List

This function allows you retrieve a list of maps on a user's account.


Request Body

Request must get GET over HTTPS and include an authorization bearer header with the user token.


Response is in application/json

    mapList: [
        mapCode: "BvE7Ux9iRC",
        title: "A Test Map",
        description: "OAuth Test Map",
        created: "2018-10-01T18:51:02.67",
        lastModified: "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
        isSecure: false,
        isPublic: false,
        thumbUrl: "//",
        shareUrl: "//",
        geoJsonUrl: "//",
        kmlUrl: "//",
        smJsonUrl: "//",
        csvUrl: "//",
        gpxUrl: "//",
        dxfUrl: "//",
        shpUrl: "//"

Map Data

This endpoint lets you fetch map data for the map in a selected format.


Request Parameters

  • {MAPCODE}: The mapcode for the user map being requested.
  • {FORMAT}: The format map data should be returned as for the map. Formats include geojson, kml, csv, smjson, shp, dxf


Response type will depend on the format requested.

SHP Files return as a zip file.