Place Text On Maps

It is very easy to place text in Scribble Maps.  This tools allows for descriptive text as well as code to be applied to a text box.  The text box can be customized to include text, a YouTube video, image or SoundCloud track.

1.  From the top menu bar on your map’s home page, select the PlaceText   tool found on the right hand side of the top menu.  


2.  Click on the location you want the text to be inserted.  A dialogue box will appear.  Type a title and/or description.  


Additional text box options

The text box also provides additional options for coding, placement and formatting.

YouTube video

To insert a YouTube video:

1.  Select the YouTube icon from the icon menu on the right of the box.


2.  Type in the YouTube address of the video to be inserted.


3.  The shortcode will appear in the Description section.  Width and height can be modified.  Select Save when complete.


4.  The YouTube video will appear on the map.  


5.  If you would like to resize your video OR edit the video link, select the Edit Overlays tool from the top menu bar.


6.  The text box will reappear.  You can:

  1. resize the video by manually typing width and height specifications.
  2. edit the video link directly.

If a change does need to be made, delete the contents of the Description box and repeat the process.  



To insert an image into the textbox:

1.  Select the image icon on the top right of the textbox.


2.  Enter the URL of the image in the dialogue box that appears.  


 3.   The full size image will appear in the background along with the text box and shortcodes.  Width and height can be manipulated directly in the Description section.


NOTE:  To resize image while maintaining original image proportions , enter a value for either width OR height and leave the other field blank.



Latitude and longitude

Latitude and longitude can be set manually.  Precise locations can be typed into the fields directly or be increased/decreased one increment at a time with the arrow buttons to the right of the coordinate.


Advanced Editing

Advanced editing and formatting options can be accessed by clicking the Advanced Editing link at the bottom of the dialogue box.  Advanced options to control the formatting of the description will appear.  A WYSIWYG editor will appear below the Description box.  


In the row of buttons that appear, the following tools and functions are available for modification:

  1. font
  2. font size
  3. font color
  4. bold
  5. italic
  6. underline
  7. insert bullet points
  8. insert numerical list
  1. view source code
  2. left justify
  3. center justify
  4. right justify

Return to Simple Editing mode

To return to Simple Editing mode from Advanced Editing mode, select Simple Editing from the bottom of the text toolbox.


Format/edit text

To format/edit text you must:

1.  Select the Edit Overlays button.


2.  Click once on the text box to be edited.  A text box preview will open.


3.  Click once on the pencil icon to enter simple edit mode.


4.  Type the desired text in the Description area or highlight the text to be changed.



5.  Click once on the relevant formatting tool; and

6.  click Save.  

Move text

To move text from one location on the map to another:

        1.  Select the Edit Overlays button.


2.  Move the box in one of two ways:

  1. click and drag the text box to the desired location.
  2. click once to make the text editor appear and manually type in exact coordinates in the latitude/longitude section.


Delete text

To delete text:

        1.  Select the Eraser button from the top menu.



2.  Click once on the text box you want to delete.