Draw Great Circle Lines

The Flight Line / Great Circle tool allows for easy mapping of flight lines between two points on a map.  

NOTE:   The greater the distance between two points, the greater the curvature of the line as the map is zoomed out.

Draw a Flight Line / Great Circle

To draw a Flight Line / Great Circle:  

1.  Select the Flight Line / Great Circle tool from the top menu bar.


2.  Select the line color and opacity by clicking on the line color chooser.


3.  Select the desired border width and line style by clicking once on each option..  


4.  Click once on the first desired location on the map and drag the mouse to the second location and release.  Repeat to create as many lines as needed.


Edit/move flight line

To edit/move a flight line:

        1.  Select the Edit Overlays button.


        2.  Select one of the following ways to edit and/or move the flight line:

                A.  Click on the line once and drag it the another location.


B.  Extend/reduce flight line by clicking once the “+” handle bar (on the end of the line) and dragging it to the preferred width or location.  

Delete flight line

To delete a flight line:

        1.  Select the Eraser tool from the top menu bar.


        2.  Select the flight line to be erased.  Select Yes to confirm deletion when prompted.  

delete scribble.jpg