Create a Clickable Map

It's very easy to create a clickable map on Scribble Maps. A clickable map lets you link shapes on a map to different websites, or even pages on your own website. An example might be a real-estate page where you want clicking on different regions to go to pages with properties related to those regions.

Click on the different regions below to link to that country's respective wikipedia page.

How to create a Clickable Map

Add overlays and click edit in the layer panel

First you will want to add some shapes to the map using the drawing tools. After that you will want to click on the pencil icon in the layer panel.

Add your website link

In the prompt that follows put the website you want to link to unde "Clickable Link" and select the window you want the link to open in.


You can open in three types of windows:

Same Window: This will open up the website/page in the same window you are currently on.
New Window: This will open up the website/page in a new window/tab.
_devCustomFrame: This will open up the website/page in the frame with id of "_devCustomFrame". This can be used by developers if they want the map to control different portions of the current page.

Get an Embed

Once you are done specifying your clickable regions, you can then go to menu > get embed to get the embed code for your website or blog.