Scribble Maps Licenses do not include commercial licenses for base APIs. Depending on what you are doing and which API you are using you may be required to get another commercial license from a third party such as Google or use your existing one. Certain APIs do not have commercial restrictions such as mapquest (open) or leaflet. If you're not sure you can contact us.

This list will update in the future as we add additional features including collaborative mapping, branded custom geo portals, spatial analysis capabilities, and more. To purchase a license please visit the Scribble Maps admin/dashboard and find the upgrade option for a project.

Features Free and
Ad Supported
Unlimited Map Creation
Private Map Creation
Secure Map Creation
Mobile Support
Custom CSS Styling
Personal Use
Commercial Use
Account Dashboard
Group & User Management
Image Generation 750x750
Image Generation 1500x1500
Image Generation 2500x2500
Ad Free Widget Creation
Direct Email Support
Cost $0 Single License
(By Project)

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*Ad Supported: free for any organization or persons that have revenue under 75k and whose project is only Ad Supported.