Walk In And Built In Closets NYC

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Address: 35 W 45th St suite 245 New York, NY 10036 Phone: (347) 457-3752 Website: https://www.annagratia.com Hours: Monday – Sunday 10 a. m to 5 p. M Payment Types: All cc, cash, checks Description: Walk In And Built In Closets NYC aspire to operate with high level of ethics in all our home markets. Our main aim is to manage the responsibility and create a fair, healthy, safe and inclusive workplace where we all can develop our professional skills. grow as individuals and feel welcome. Our main features include top quality hardware which allows you to load a good quantity of clothing articles, pull out shoe-drawers and inclined shoe shelves, pull out accessory drawers with compartments for jewelry, belts and ties, velvet and leather covers for the drawers and pull out drawers for the accessories. Our closet systems are fabricated in italy and have a long history of presence in the united states. We work all over the country and provide our product to all states.