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Address: 943 Sherman Ave Bronx, NY 10456 Phone: 347-410-9355 Website: www.1voicetech.com Category: Telecommunications Service Provider Hours: Mon-Sun 9 a.m - 6 p.m Payment: All cc Description: As we offer you a dozens of modern services, like Hosted & Onsite PBX, Toll Free Numbers, SIP Trunking, divert calls & emails, voice mails, and more. Further, the high-quality of our communication is guaranteed by years of experience and hard work. 1Voice is pretty simple, just use and enjoy! A hosted PBX works much in the same way an on premise PBX solution would, but with the gritty work handled behind the scenes, all within the provider’s data centers. The entire phone system is operated and maintained by the provider, who generally provides multiple data centers to ensure redundancy – if one center goes down, your calls will simply be routed out of another data center so you never miss a beat.