SDI Quality

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Business address: 1360 E Locust St, Ontario, CA 91761 Business phone: 800-794-2345 Website: Business e-mail: [email protected] Description: Commercial Restaurant Cleaning & Sanitizing….. We take care of what you see in the kitchen, but most importantly what you do not see from the roof down. We clean the entire system starting from the exhaust housing and motor, including: fan maintenance, grease bearings, and adjusting or replacing belts to ensure the motor is operating properly. Then we go down the flue into the plenum area cleaning the system to bare metal per NFPA 96 standards. Finally we clean the linkage for the fire suppression system, clean the filters, grease gutters, and polish the hood inside and out. The entire system is cleaned using several methods: steam cleaner, power washer, spin jets, and chemical application. Keywords: commercial kitchen cleaning, hood cleaning, COVID sanitization,SDI Quality