Maid of Shade

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Maid of Shade® started out as a home based business in early 2000, due to the need for a better peg bag. With humble beginnings at Huskisson Markets our family company is proudly Australian owned and operated. We are located in the beautiful Shoalhaven district on the South Coast of New South Wales. We pride ourselves on having grown our business to supply a better versions of the everyday laundry items, including laundry, pegs, UV Pegs, Peg Bag, Peg Bags, Peg Basket, Peg Baskets, Clothespeg, clothespegs, Rainbow Pegs, UV Resistant Pegs, Wash Bag, Wash Bags, Laundry Bag, Laundry Bags, dryer balls, Maid of Shade, Maid of Shade Pegs, Holey Peg, Coathanger Pegs, Bucket Tags. and enjoyed making that mundane chore a little bit brighter!"