David's Master Pot 大味麻辣烫 (Elizabeth St - Melbourne CBD) - malatang, hotpot, streetfood

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Business Address: 462 Elizabeth St Melbourne, VIC 3000 Business Phone: 041-128-7159 Business Email: [email protected] Business Website: https://www.davidsmasterpot.com.au/ Description: ABOUT DAVID’S MASTER POT At David’s Master Pot, we use the methods passed down in Sichuan, where it originated. The Malatang idea was formed from the hard workers on the Yangtze River in Sichuan. We stir fry over 20 different kinds of Chinese herbs and spices (including the prickly ash Sichuan pepper) before adding our pork bone broth and our secret chilli oil mix before boiling it all together for 12 hours. This is how we create the most authentic Malatang soup base you know and love! All our Master Pot Malatang stores are decked out with traditional interiors so we can bring a piece of home here to Melbourne.