Daniel T. Battles (COPY) April 18, 2011

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As we have discovered over the past several days, both the Aztecs, and the Incas were remarkable civilizations with unique, and sophisticated cultures. In this assignment you will use both google scribble, and specific research databases to create “tourism markers” of some of the more significant, and amazing landmarks and/or structures of these colossal empires. Begin by researching each of the historical/archeological sites below. Use your textbook or any of the library databases to learn more about them so that you can develop a strong 4-8 sentence summary describing it and explaining its significance to both its empire and to human history. Next, you will use Google scribble to locate your sites and then mark them in the correct geographical location with a brief description of the nature and significance of the site. You will then create a legend for these sites. Templo Mayor (Aztec) Machu Picchu (Inca) Cuzco (Inca) Chavin de Huantar (Inca) Monte Alban (Zapotec)