Phase #4: Once the three point populations are populous and the satelite population is strong and most importantly healthy and diverse. It is time to connect the 'immigrants' among the asiatic race for the final reciprocal exchange. With two populations representative of their homes in India and Iran traded in each others country. Then it is time to connect this population with the main three point population in India and Iran. The fourth pride will then form a last peice in the healthy genetic sustainability project long sought after. This means a completley healthly and independent 1/3 or 1/4 variability phenomenon in both India and Iran equally. The perimeter around them foreshadows the former and projected population. This is most important because it is the final step in what would become a unique but diverse Lion population in both places. What would be seen as the two healthy fronts destined to bridge together. The Barbary Lion population with no seperate wild population to br
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